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Your website is both charming and informative. It is wonderful to read of the hidden gems. I have based much of my itinerary on your advice. Thank you again.
Ross Docherty, Northern Ireland

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Golf Nook Scotland provides reliable information for the golfer who wants to travel independently in Scotland. Richard,who plays off a 13 handicap, writes the golf course reviews, Mary-Alice writes about places to stay and things to do other than golfing. As you look through the website, you will discover suggestions for...

Where to play Where to stay What to do all day
Exquisite Royal Dornoch
Muirfield Green cottage, Gullane
Dirleton Castle - delightful, by North Berwick

Why independent golfing in Scotland is such an advantage

As an independent golfer in Scotland you're not tied to an itinerary. You choose where to play, where to stay, and what to do all day. You choose whom you want to play with and how much golf you want to play. If you like a golf course you can play it again. Or you can go to another. Or go to your B&B and take a nap. Some golfers, wanting to squeeze all the golfing they can into their trip, will play all day. They find a course they like and purchase a "day ticket" allowing them all day play at a reduced price. They schedule a morning round, drop in the clubhouse for a leisurely lunch and rest, then play an afternoon round. Others may want to play a round in the morning then eat lunch before driving (over some beautiful scenery) to another golf course for an afternoon round. No need to rush because in the summer the sun doesn't set until after 10:30 PM, so plenty of time to eat lunch and relax. You can tee off again at 6 PM and still finish a round. When you are not tied to a tour, you get to decide everything.

Visit Scotland -- the beautiful "home of golf"

June sunset in Scotland -- almost 11 PM, taken from our bedroom window
Golfers were still on the golf course when we took this at almost 11 PM

Highest ratings. See why ..... Staying on Scotland's Golf Coast?

Best way to begin your stay is Local Eyes Small Group Walking Tours of this beautiful area. Enjoy the history, the culture and the people. Definitely a winner -- unique and personal. Check it out. You'll be glad you did.

Golfing with a local

Richard (on right) with friend at Royal Aberdeen golf course
On a golf company tour you will never have the pleasure of golfing with a Scot and comparing golf in your country with golf in Scotland. You'll never have a member show you the best line off the tee or suggest a read on an undulating green. On a tour you can't play another round on that special course you know you would have played better if only you could play it again.

In short, that expensive package tour lets you play only a few of the more famous courses. They never schedule the wonderful lesser-known courses because their clientele don't even know they exist. And they don't schedule the smaller quaint B&Bs because the tour operators can't include a suitable mark-up on them. Bottom line -- when you travel with a packaged tour you may travel a very long distance only to be deprived of an authentic Scottish golfing experience and never have the opportunity to know the real Scotland and the Scottish people.
A do-it-yourself golfing trip in Scotland is highly do-able
Reading through these pages you'll sense our enthusiasm for Scotland and the great Scottish links courses, and you may soon feel your own enthusiasm building. The basic how-to is all laid out for you here. Go ahead and do it. You'll have one of the most memorable times of your life. And this trip may not be a "once-in-a-lifetime-golf-trip" but the beginning of many trips, once you discover how easy and inexpensive it can be. In fact, making arrangements yourself can easily save you more than half of what the golf touring companies will charge you.
Specific example of independent golfing in Scotland
A group of 4 couples from our golf club was quoted a price of $5,220 per person from a popular golf tour company for a 7 day, 6 golf course Scotland golf holiday in 2009. It included a 4 star hotel, all ground transportation (no airfares) and greens fees. Using our information from Golf Nook Scotland, the couples decided to put together the trip themselves. Their arrangements included everything the golf tour company included but instead of staying at a 4 star large commercial hotel they booked a 5 star golf lodge featured listed on our Platinum Page. Unlike the hotel, the golf lodge included a traditional (very hearty) Scottish breakfast every morning and two gourmet 3-course dinners. And they had the entire lodge to themselves including a plush TV room and outdoor putting green. The cost? Only 965 which in January 2009 dollar/pound exchange rate it worked out to $1,448 each or $207 a day! Compare that to the $746 per day the golf tour company wanted to charge and you can see why independent golf travel is the way to go.

This is just one example of how much money you can save if you make arrangements yourself, and all it takes are a few phone calls. You can read what some others have said about their experiences as independent golfing travelers in Scotland by visiting our What others say page.
As an independent golfer you are not tied into an itinerary set in stone. If you enjoy a golf course and want to play it again, you can. If you want to sightsee rather than golf one day, you can. The independent traveler is always free to take spontaneous action during a golfing vacation. That's why it's a real vacation.
An alternative to independent golf travel?
If you decide independent golf travel in Scotland is the way to go, but want someone else to make the bookings for you, here's the right answer -- Ferguson Golf. See Helpful Websites. We highly recommend this excellent and moderately priced service. It will be invaluable to you..

Now, if being an independent golfer sounds good but you feel a more organized golfing package would suit you better than being completely independent, we recommend this perfect solution -- Bonnie Wee Golf for traveling to any golf courses in Scotland and Ireland. Very personalized, so you'll still get a real taste of the country.

Bonnie Wee Golf ... Best Golf Tour in Scotland
Exclusive golf vacations
Mary-Alice with Dave Harris, onwer, Bonnie Wee Golf,,in his tartan kilt.

Yes, Golf Nook Scotland's mission is to promote independent golfing travel and an experience of the "real" Scotland. Maybe you want this Scottish experience but don't want to create or conduct your own tour? We've found the perfect solution--Bonnie Wee Golf. The name gives you a clue...good, fine, pleasant...and just the right size. Genuinely personal yet always professional. Most golfing tours have a commercial feel to them with little or no feeling for the traditions, the history, the people, the beauty of Scotland.

Bonnie Wee Golf
is something quite different. You will come away with a feeling for the greatest golf courses in the world and also for the people and the country itself. Bonnie Wee Golf will design a golf package tailored exactly to you. A first class journey around Scotland, playing some of the finest courses and experiencing the very best in Scottish hospitality. And all in the care of a Bonnie Wee Golf tour manager who will be your chauffeur, tourguide, photographer, information centre, and friend. A rich experience at a very "bonnie" price.

David Harris is the delightful owner of Bonnie Wee Golf. He has caddied at Royal Aberdeen, loves golf and the great courses of his country, and knows their secrets. He is committed to having you experience Scotland beyond the golf...the majestic beauty of the land, the warmth of the people. Bonnie Wee Golf truly is unlike any tour company we have ever seen.
You will appreciate David's kindness, integrity and excellent work. We heartily endorse Dave and his Bonnie Wee Golf, and invite you to visit this bonnie website for more details. Golf Nook rating? Absolutely 5 stars

And... AND ... they now offer two new services beyond all others -- Executive HELIGOLF day trips, as well as their Luxury Coach Compzny. uniquely constructed by Mercedes-Benz for absolute personalized luxury. .

What you can expect from Golf Nook Scotland

Golf Nook Scotland offers advice and help for the independent golfer and his or her non-golfing companion. Because you'll want to know what you can expect and where you can stay in complete comfort, all the information and suggestions are here for you -- things we personally experienced and can share with you. You can have confidence in any recommendations we make, because we list only places and things we personally believe in. We include --
  • Why Scottish links golf is a different game (*Scottish golf is a must-read page)
  • Richard's personal recommendations for Scottish golf courses
  • Info on some of the unusual holes, how to play them and what to look for
  • Building your Scottish golf trip around a central base
  • Where to stay and why
  • What to bring
  • How to get here
  • Eating out
  • Shopping for food
  • Mary-Alice's personal "must-see" lists for Scotland
  • Activities to do without a car
  • Basics *** Hints & help to make your stay in Scotland enjoyable and comfortable
If you are considering an independent golf vacation in Scotland, Golf Nook Scotland provides solid information you can trust for how to plan your trip. You will return home with not only memories of these spectacular links golf courses, but also of the culture and beauty of Scotland.